United Benefits Group is dedicated to helping you understand your potential retirement benefits and ultimately getting you closer to your goals. 

If you already have a UBG username and password, you can access all your account information through our new site. From the inside, you can check your benefit status, find scheduled payment dates and change personal and beneficiary information.
United Benefits Group strives to provide you with useful information on a variety of topics including:
  • Defined Benefit Plans and their pros and cons
  • Relevant industry news
  • What it takes to prepare for retirement
  • How our plan formula works
If you have a supported plan, sign up and start taking notice of your benefits.

What you'll need:

To gain access to your specific plan information, you'll need the following account details:
  • Plan Code - Select the appropriate plan code based on what you have; CO for the Co-op Retirement Plan.
  • SSN - You'll need to have your social security number ready.
  • Date of birth - You'll need to enter your birthday in the following format (mm/dd/yyyy)
If you have all your information available, you're ready to